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Low Band, VHF, UHF Voice and text Pager

Low Band, VHF, UHF Voice and text Pager
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Price: $699.00
Product ID : G1
Weight: 1.00 lbs
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G1 Voice and Text Pager

Introducing the G1 voice and text pager. 

Integrated 2 tone with MDC 1200(voice & text), CTCSS / CDCSS, and 5/6 tone, voice pager, G1, can receive voice messages from not only a dispatch center but also from a 2 way radios at an incident. This capability allows firefighters who are inside the fire ground to capture instructions from a incident commander who is outside and would have the most understanding about any changes and overall situation on their pagers. With the new updates, the firefighters will be able to make the critical moves when the fire is out of control.  Meanwhile, alphanumeric pagers are helpless in this scenario. 

The new G1 voice pager supports both legacy voice communications and alpha-numeric text messaging. Voice communications has no true replacement, so adding text messaging capabilities is a natural step to increase the pagers versatility and flexibility to better support your needs. Destination addresses, message source information and special instructions can be displayed along with listening to clear and precise voice instructions.

Your new G1 pager can be configured to operate on 64 different channels which can be preprogrammed to coincide with most any system configuration. In such case, your G1 pager was not preconfigured to match some emergent communications situation. However, with Unication's messaging console, the dispatch center can reconfigure the G1 receiving channels using OTA (over the air) technology. As a result, your G1 pager can be dynamically regrouped by the dispatch center without physically reprogramming the pager.


G1 is available in Low Band 33-74 MHz, VHF 136-174 MHz, and UHF 406-512 MHz.  Call for UHF frequencie ranges.


·         64 Channels with optional use of tones

·         Voice messaging

·         Voice memo storage

·         Text messaging

·         Colored backlight that can be set to different channels/alerts

·         Rugged construction for durability

·         4” speaker for clear sound

·         1000MAh battery for 70 hours life without need of charging

·         IP67 Dust/Water rating

·         Out of Range alert

·         Auto Duty On/Off option

·         Multiple alarms available, even go off when pager is turned off

·         2 tone or 5/6 tone paging options

·         Multi-channel priority scan





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